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Active zinc oxide

 Feature: white or yellow powder, the density of 5.606, the melting point 1975 ℃, is a gender oxides, do not dissolve in water or ethanol, dissolved in acid-base solution. High temperature yellow, white resumed after cooling.
 Features: "CITIC" brand of feed-grade zinc oxide, zinc oxide in Shandong Province, the Ministry of Agriculture was the first "production license" [feed (2002) 1092], is currently the only approved by the provincial Bureau of Animal Husbandry, [Lu Tim feeding characters (2002) 124007] zinc oxide production, and the goods than comparable products have the following characteristics:

1, zinc oxide and zinc source other than the cost of zinc units significantly lower feed additive to lower costs, add a volume of water equivalent to 44 per cent of zinc sulfate, zinc sulfate water 7 to 28 per cent.

2, zinc oxide powder dry for the source of zinc, good stability in the feed, no water, non-caking, invariance, feed processing and facilitate long-term storage. On the impact on small vitamin feed.

3, zinc oxide to zinc source than other animals are more likely to be the source of zinc absorption, zinc good effect.
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