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  Hebei high-lam magnesium salt Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983, is the countrys largest magnesium salt manufacturers of products. Formerly Gaoyi County, calcium and magnesium plants, in 2004 for limited liability company restructuring, the company Gaoyi County, located in West Railway Station 200 meters, close to 107 National Road, from the Beijing-Zhuhai-only 5 km location and convenient transportation.
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Name:Light hydrotalcid
Lin high magnesium Hebei Chemical Co., specializing in the production of magnesium carbonate monocli......
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Name:Light Magnesium Oxide
HeBei GaoLin Magnesium Chemical Co.,Ltd. conductivity, thermal conductivity, etc.. Interested partie......
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Name:Active zinc oxide
Feature: white or yellow powder, the density of 5.606, the melting point 1975 ℃, is a gender oxides,......
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Name:Zinc oxide (indirect)
Packaging: plastic bags, plastic film-lined bags. Specifications: 25 KG / bag. Molecular formula......
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Company:HeBei GaoLin Magnesium Chemical Co.,Ltd.   
Add:Gaoyi County, West Railway Station Road, 200 meters of industrial  
TEL:0311-84066181 84060525              
Director of operations:LiuShuzhen
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